Welcome to Officential.

It’s nice to see you. We’re a small family company based in Brownstown, Co. Meath, Ireland. We’re new on the market and hope we can help you.

On our website you’ll find a great range of essential products like writing supplies, office accessories and filing and archival equipment. In every category, we aim to bring you something new including brands that are brand new to the Irish market. Our paper products are sourced locally while the rest of our quality products are imported directly from the EU. 

We’re the company that wants to build a thriving local market by giving you a much greater selection of stationery products. In choosing products for you we only have one rule – good quality for a good price.

What’s important, especially for a small business like ours, is that you don't have to buy products by the box. You can buy whatever you need by the piece. So instead of ordering ten pens (when you only need one), by choosing Officential you have the option of ordering based on your needs and saving money.

We cover the entire country with 24 hour DPD delivery service, but if you’re based in Meath or Louth we’re very happy to deliver your order with our driver.

We promise you’ll find interesting and exciting new products, every time you visit us.

Maria Szydelko